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Inferno Dragon Snipers

Are you interested in joining the ?IDS? ? If you are , you need to know one of the basic things . Most important is your personality , after that come the sniping skills . In ?IDS? there are no ranks really , we are trying to function as family , where everyone are compatible with each other in clan . So players that have problems with racism , tolerance or bad temper will be rejected in start . If we approve your application , you will be contacted by the side of ?IDS? leaders , and if you pass here , you will go on test in a game , to see how you handle in game, and to wage your skills a bit . Also have in mind you don't have to be some greatest player of them all , or above average even , main thing is that you make clan proud , that we can count on you , trust you and hence back you up in rough times and enjoy the game and respect the seniors of clan . Now fill the following form honestly and best as possible . There is no age or gender limit. It's a tough trip , but rewards are great . We don't have to be the best , but I am giving my best to be the cleanest clan in game and fair as much as possible. Good luck.

CHECK ALL fields first before submitting the form to avoid some misunderstandings in the very start.
NOTE:this form is to apply to be a full clan member. clan member wears tags in game and represents clan's name.This is not a form to become a member of the site . ( also have in mind site login and forum logins are not unified ) ...
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