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†IDS† News
This site news is to inform of the most critical news , announcements , updates and similar . While news are being written here , note that main thing is happening on forums . This is just the small portion of the actual happenings in our clan and in Sniper Elite community .

Special Symbols Nickname Tutorial


Watch the video on how to insert special symbols in your nickname here : 

IDS New Promo Video 


View the video here on our IDS site at :

or at YouTube at :

All romanians Banned 


†IDS† would like to announce that from this day , 5.02.2011. no romanian will be allowed on our servers .There will be no exceptions because all romanian IPs will be blocked .However we would like to personally turn on two people that stand out from this foul case , one which I personally guarantee for , I as bull_the_great , his fair play , one of the BAT clan members and second one which my co-leader credits , Artemis .. We are sorry individually for each of our people that we stand behind , but we had to do this this way .All others so far were using cheats of all kinds , disrespect and bad sportmanship . So therefore , this case is closed .If there are those that want to comment on this issue can use †IDS† forum at : .All those that found themselves offended and want to complain or throw a simple comment on their case can do so at : .


†IDS†bull¤the¤great and †IDS†Vasago 

EDIT : I would like to add also , if anyone wants this IP range list to block all romanians as well , let he/she ask me for a list and I will give it to him/her .


Predator scristian04 Caught in Dirty Work , The Truth

Video made on 7.10.2011.

Direct link to this paragraph :

Improve FRAPS Performance


A topic on how to improve your performance while recording a movie in game with FRAPS , making the game stutter ( lag ) less , and have smoother video playback added here :
Everyone can jump in and help adding some ideas on how to help improve performance .


†IDS† Complete Autohotkeys Tutorial


A tutorial on how to use and edit autohotkey scripts with including †IDS† ones is added on Downloads page and is ready to be downloaded here : LINK

Spotter Revolution - version 1.5 to 2.0


New Spotter will have plenty of new features , from cheat detection , spotter linking , game browsing , remote influnce of another clan member and so on .

 Read more HERE . ( also contains Croatian translation - isto tako sadrzi i Hrvatski prijevod )

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