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†IDS† Rules and Server Settings

†IDS† Rules

click HERE for croatian version ( hrvatska verzija pravila )

1. Behave accordingly by the fact you are being a guest on a clan server

2. Do not use strong language for flamming other server players

3. When you kill some one , don't rub it in and make whole situation out of it , do not make fun of him and pretend your are superior . This is called taunting .

4. If you see †IDS† member vote, follow the vote too .

5. REPORT all players to the HOST that are not respecting general rules of the game like : when player shoots his teammate or kills him self with proxy mine or goes into the bug or any foul play for that matter .

6. Players who have 0 kills all game will be most likely kicked . They are just taking a place for other players that actually want to play . Inactive players only spoil the balance between two opposing teams .

7. If you have great lag , you may be asked to leave .

8. Do not change teams and cause auto balance . Choose your team and possible change it only on the beginning of the game . Players that constantly switch teams will be warned . If an †IDS† HOST or any other †IDS† member asks you to change team , do so .

9.No Desert Fuel Dump . Any player , clan or no clan player is not allowed to have that map . Desert fuel is not standard map and as so creates an advantage for those who have it over those that don't . When you are asked do you have alternate fuel dump version , you should reply .

10. Player who violates any of the previous rules is not welcome to our servers .

11. If you are addressing , talking to †IDS† members , do so in English or Serbo-Croatian language since those are the languages our members use . If you continue to blabber on your language , you will be asked to use English because, what's the point in reading something no one understand but you .

12. Needless to say , any form of cheating or unfair advantage is not allowed . Alternate maps ( like desert fuel dump ) , bugs , cheats of any sort like wallhack , speeder and others can only result bad for you . While some file modifications like scopes , HUDs and similar are normal and allowed , alternate skins which are designed for players to get unfair advantage and better visual superiority and similar modifications are also discouraged .